Workout your fashion.

Im talking about the gym! I’ve recently treated myself to a new gym membership and outfit after eating far too much chocolate over easter… Even though your at the gym doesn’t mean your style has to suffer, you can get some really cute gym clothes at some pretty good prices!

If you want to get top notch stuff and pay the full price go to the brand sport store e.g. Nike, Adidas etc but theres some great looking stuff in the high street shops such as h&m, primark or branded wear for cheaper in t k maxx and sports direct!

Seeing as i already had Nike trainers, i thought i may as well go all out a match! Luckily on the nike online store they were having a sale! So bought some running tights, some shorts and a cropped vest. Managed to find the exact match on the colour of the sports bra, my trainers and the water bottle, felt so proud to be all matching and looking professional!

ImageTights/Leggings: Nike £30

Shorts: Nike £20

Sports bra/cropped top: Nike £22

Vest: H&M £6

Trainers: Sports Direct (Nike) £28

Water Bottle: Sports Direct (Nike) £4

Everything is so comfortable and definitely worth the price, check out the reviews on the website first, as i found the cheaper running tights to actually have better reviews! You can do so many sports in these clothes too, I’ve played tennis, gone running, gone to the gym and even headed to the shops in them, thats how comfortable i feel walking around in them, plus it makes me look like i do lots of working out to the people who see me! 

Watch this space, beach body in progress!

Love From Saffron


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