Wedding bells are ringing!

I can hear the bells ringing and me screaming, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR! My sister recently got married and said i must wear a very nice outfit, no ifs or buts, i have to get something new and beautiful. I usually love challenges like this, by my sister is a very hard woman to please!

I started off by having a quick look online, but only at shops where i could then go and try things on, i hate ordering online when i don’t know what it will look like on me! I chose shops which were all located in Birmingham, started off with Reiss, FCUK and Selfridges, these of course gave me millions of choices… which possibly made it harder.

I decided my favourite was a gorgeous dress in a mix of orange colours (told you i was obsessed with orange!), now i just had to pray they had it in store. Arriving in Birmingham i ran straight to FCUK, not taking any chances on missing out on the last one by stopping in any other shops! Unfortunately though i did miss it, the last one was sold the day before.. in my size.

I thought it was all over, no chance in getting the dress i loved and no chance in me agreeing on a different one. The shop assistant did go on to tell me they have one… in London… now i was heading to London, but it was the weekend before the wedding, do i risk it? YES! This is the dress of my dreams, for a short period of time anyway! After getting to London, thinking there would be one French Connection shop i was wrong there was 3! So i spent the day running around London finding each shop, actually a very good way to go sight seeing too! Being my luck it was the last shop i went to that had it, but i can’t complain as i was in my size and they did 15% student discount, my luck was in!


Dress:  French Connection £195 (£165.75 with student discount)

Shoes: New Look £22

Purse: Marc Jacobs £180

Worn this dress a few more times after the wedding too for daytime meals and also nights out, its perfect for any occasion!

The luck was in for my sister too, it was a beautiful sunny day and the wedding was amazing! Her and her husband looked gorgeous (she was dressed head to toe in gucci) and it was a wonderful ceremony!

Happy celebrations!

Love From Saffron


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