Casual Vintage.

Going for a meal with the family, i wanted to be casual but look dressed up, and one way to do that is wear a blazer!

I always like bait of colour in my outfits so i started out by picking bright red jeans, red is a great colour to get you noticed and so easy to team with other things. Once choosing those i then thought about the blazer i would wear and finally just picked out a plain black blazer from my vast collection! Keeping it simple i went for a cute black cami top and vintage nike blazers.



Blazer – Topshop, £48

Top – Topshop, £15

Jeans – Topshop, £38

Shoes – Nike, £70

Neckalce – Juicy couture

Bracelet and watch – Marc Jacobs

Rings – Padora

I added a  bit of ‘bling’ to my outfit with a white marc jacobs watch, pandora rings and a chunky gold necklace, bang on trend! With the amount of different coloured jeans/trousers i have this outfit is easily changeable and wearable for any occasion!

Keep it dressy!

Love From Saffron


The white trend.

This spring summer there is a trend for completely white outfits and i love it! A cute white short suit is great for parties, drinks, summery occasions, but seeing as its still a bit nippy in the UK i prefer trousers! I thought id add a bit of pattern to my outfit by teaming a pair of printed tapered trousers with a white blazer and cami. I’ve worn this outfit so far for a night out and a garden birthday party and had fabulous feedback on it!



Blazer: Mango £35

Top: Topshop £15

Trousers: H&M £25

This outfit is super cute on a summery day or to brighten up a miserable one! The white also looks great with a tan so would look gorgeous on holiday, can’t wait for mine!

Enjoy your holidays!

Love From Saffron


Summer colours!

Been in such a bad mood recently as the sun has been out but I’m stuck in doors doing assignments! Boo! 😦 But on saturday i thought id give myself a day off and go shopping for some new summer clothes! Walking round the shops i found a few things i liked but not loved so didn’t buy much, but a few items still cheered me up! By a few i mean 2 pairs of shorts a top and some jewellery! So i was one happy bunny! 🐰



Blazer (not new): Mango £35

Body (isn new): American Apparel £25

Shorts (new): TKMaxx (Reiss RRP £95) £20 bargain!!



Blazer: As above

Top (new): Topshop £15

Shorts (new): Topshop £28

Thought the crazy colours would be great for summer as either a casual day or night outfits and also a going out clothes! Plus I’m loving the bargains you can get in TKMaxx, only usually found online or in the Birmingham store but worth the looking around!

Hope you guys are making the most of the sun!!

Love From Saffron



And finally the sun has come out, although its deceivingly cold! 

When i woke up this morning i was so excited to get out the summer dresses, get a tan, wear my sunnies, but i got outside and it was freezing!? How unfair, teasing me with the brightness outside!

Seeing as it was still sunny, i could wear my ray bans, which is great seeing as they are practically brand new the amount of times I’ve managed to wear them! I teamed these with cute red jeans to give some colour, a chiffon shirt and a cashmere jumper, topped off with chunky gold necklace and some studded slipper shoes.



Jeans: Topshop £38

Shirt: H&M £15

Jumper: Crumpet £195

Necklace: Juicy couture (necklace and bracelet set combined together) £165

Shoes: River Island (sale) £15

Sunglasses: Ray Ban £165

Great look for staying warm yet still a bit summery also great for wearing to uni!

Have a great summer!

Love From Saffron


Night out? No problem!

Recently all my friends have had birthdays and i was starting to run out of things to wear! Wardrobe full but nothing suitable, am i right? Well borrow then! Friends, family, anyone. 

Whenever i go on a night out all i see is black, grey, white… BORING! Spice it up, add colours, go crazy, it is a night out after all! When it came the last birthday night out of the month, i decided to ask around for something i could borrow, luckily my sister and my mum were kind enough to lend! 

I’m really loving on orange and red at the moment, so when my sister produced this gorgeous dress out of her wardrobe i just couldn’t say no! Teamed with a quirky hat, cute ankle socks, matching (with the socks) clutch and heeled boots my outfit was complete!


Black Pork Pie Hat: Topshop £25

Multicoloured Dress: Topshop (My Sisters)

Blue Clutch: Jaques Vert (My Mums)

Blue Socks: Topshop £3

Black Heels: KG £30 (sale!)

The hat and socks add a new season trend to the outfit as well as a cute quirk, and the slit in the dress adds a cheeky something for a night out!

Have a great night!

Love From Saffron


How to bring spring to this weather!


Pork Pie Hat: Topshop £25

Blazer: Mango £35

Leather Leggings: Topshop £28

So apparently its spring right now? Doesn’t feel like it! To bring a hint of colour to spring this year and cheer up this dark weather, put on a colourful blazer! Orange is completely on trend this season, clothes and accessories, so grab them while you can as they will be great all through summer too! Add a little quirk to the outfit with a cute hat, even accessorise it with a ribbon or some feathers, looks super cute and people seem to love it! Leather look leggins keep it warm yet give a hint sexy and summer, go high waisted and you can wear them with a crop top as well as a slouchy shirt over the top.

Happy Spring!

Love From Saffron