Wear what you want!

Im not one of these girls who is scared of wearing what they like, its fashion my way, i like it, and style is about the one wearing it!

Walked round loads of shops today for hours! Couldn’t find a thing i liked, and i don’t know about you but it puts me in such a bad mood coming out of a shopping trip with nothing! After my round of shopping we went for a quick trip round the shops for my boyfriend. There it was on the back wall of river island, a comfy boyfriend tee, with leopard print on too, my favourite to add a little spice ūüėČ


Excuse the face, was after an early morning lecture and sorry for the excessive pouting too!

I think this tee is perfect for summer or winter weather, teamed with leggings or shorts and even a maxi skirt would look great!

Let me tell you this is no where near the first guys item of clothing i have bought (or borrowed), one i find them to be much cheaper then buying a girls ‘boyfriend’ style top, no idea why as they’re the same!? And also they are so comfy but stylish!

Top: River Island £16

Leggings: ASOS £8

Stay comfy!

Love From Saffron


The Liebster Award.

Been off the blog for a while as have been a good student and focusing on my 5 assignments!! But after log gin on to my surprise aleatherista had nominated me for the liebster award, it literally made my life! Haven’t long been on the blog scene but seriously am in love with it, sharing my passion for fashion with others who feel the same! So first of all thank you so much aleatherista for my nomination, i absolutely love your blog!

This works like a chain letter, from one blogger to another blogger, and on and on‚Ķ The goal of this award is to highlight blogs with fewer than 200 followers that are up and coming. Encouraging people to visit blogs that others enjoy seems like a great initiative. Liebster means ‚Äúdearest‚ÄĚ in German and this award was started by a German blogspot blogger in 2010. The rules for the award are pretty straightforward:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
3. Invent eleven questions to ask the people you have nominated for the award
4. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to nominate for the award and link to them in your post
5. Go to their blog and tell them

1) 11 Facts About Me.

1- I have a dog and a cat who i love dearly, they are super cute and are always there!


2- I have 2 sisters, both older, and talk to them about anything, especially fashion as i borrow there clothes all the time (secretly ūüėČ )

3- I went to an all girls school from the age of 3 to 16

4- I study Business, Marketing and Advertising at worcester uni and hope to incorporate textiles and retail into my studies.

5- I have the gucci fiat 500, my pride and joy, it is my baby and will never get rid of it, fashion in a vehicle!


6- I have recently become a gym and health freak and have fallen in love with green tea hoping for a beach bod by summer!

7- I have a big forehead and thats the reason i have my full fringe

8- I constantly moan about my wardrobe, i never have enough clothes so i constantly buy and alter clothes!

9- I love travelling and this summer I’m heading to Barcelona, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, touring America’s next on my list!

10- I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blonde but i’m far too afraid!

11- My favourite place i have been is Dubai and i would love to go back one day!

2) Questions from my nominator.

1. What is your all time favorite clothing/accessory?

My Alexander McQueen Coat (soon to be doing a post on it), my wonderful father bought me this as a present and i have never looked after anything as well as i have looked after this coat!

2. If you can get an exotic animal as your pet, what would you choose?

An elephant, i think they are gorgeous and would be great to have as a pet!

3. If you got the chance to meet someone in particular (living or dead), who would it be? Why?

Jeniffer Saunders – she’s done lots in her lifetime and is still fabulous at her age!

4. Where would you want to visit this summer?

America – just anywhere there!

5. If E channel or Bravo gives you an opportunity to create a show, what would it be and what would you name it?

‘I Wish’ – it would be basically about my life, its been pretty eventful, hilarious, crazy, a lot of wishing and some success with these wishes!

6. What is your favorite quote?

‚ÄúDress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.‚ÄĚ –¬†Coco Chanel
7. What is your favorite food?

Sushi! No need to explain why, it is amazing!

8. Who do you like to wear?

I wish i could wear all Alexander McQueen, definitely my favourite designer! But most of my wardrobe is Topshop, they have great style with a great price tag!

9. If you were thrown onto an island (like the TV series Lost) with nothing and no one on it, and you could only bring one thing with you, what would it be?

This is a tough one! I would say a cute bikini to get an amazing tan! (along as i can get off the island!)

10. What is your favorite scent for candles?

Clean cotton – yankee candles!

11. What is one of the things that absolutely creeps you out?

How long have you got! So many things creep me out, including spiders, the dark, and small spaces, but i have a major freak out at wrists! I know crazy, but i have a fear of blood and veins and theres so many in you wrists! I know I’m weird!

3) Questions for my nominees!

1) If you could buy any piece of clothing right now, what would it be (designer or highstreet)?

2) Whats your favourite item of clothing you have?

3) Whats your favourite place to be?

4) If you could have a dinner with anyone who would it be (dead or alive)?

5) What items do you always carry on you?

6) Who is you favourite designer/label?

7) What would be your perfect date?

8) Whats your favourite film/films?

9) Where do you want to be in the future?

10) Who is your celebrity  crush?

11) Wheres your favourite place to eat?

4) My Nominees. (No order)

Blog Da Bianca

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Once again thank you so much!

Love From Saffron



And finally the sun has come out, although its deceivingly cold! 

When i woke up this morning i was so excited to get out the summer dresses, get a tan, wear my sunnies, but i got outside and it was freezing!? How unfair, teasing me with the brightness outside!

Seeing as it was still sunny, i could wear my ray bans, which is great seeing as they are practically brand new the amount of times I’ve managed to wear them! I teamed these with cute red jeans to give some colour, a chiffon shirt and a cashmere jumper, topped off with chunky gold necklace and some studded slipper shoes.



Jeans: Topshop £38

Shirt: H&M £15

Jumper: Crumpet £195

Necklace: Juicy couture (necklace and bracelet set combined together) £165

Shoes: River Island (sale) £15

Sunglasses: Ray Ban £165

Great look for staying warm yet still a bit summery also great for wearing to uni!

Have a great summer!

Love From Saffron


Wedding bells are ringing!

I can hear the bells ringing and me screaming, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR! My sister recently got married and said i must wear a very nice outfit, no ifs or buts, i have to get something new and beautiful. I usually love challenges like this, by my sister is a very hard woman to please!

I started off by having a quick look online, but only at shops where i could then go and try things on, i hate ordering online when i don’t know what it will look like on me! I chose shops which were all located in Birmingham, started off with Reiss, FCUK and Selfridges, these of course gave me millions of choices‚Ķ which possibly made it harder.

I decided my favourite was a gorgeous dress in a mix of orange colours (told you i was obsessed with orange!), now i just had to pray they had it in store. Arriving in Birmingham i ran straight to FCUK, not taking any chances on missing out on the last one by stopping in any other shops! Unfortunately though i did miss it, the last one was sold the day before.. in my size.

I thought it was all over, no chance in getting the dress i loved and no chance in me agreeing on a different one. The shop assistant did go on to tell me they have one‚Ķ in London‚Ķ now i was heading to London, but it was the weekend before the wedding, do i risk it? YES! This is the dress of my dreams, for a short period of time anyway! After getting to London, thinking there would be one French Connection shop i was wrong there was 3! So i spent the day running around London finding each shop, actually a very good way to go sight seeing too! Being my luck it was the last shop i went to that had it, but i can’t complain as i was in my size and they did 15% student discount, my luck was in!


Dress:  French Connection £195 (£165.75 with student discount)

Shoes: New Look £22

Purse: Marc Jacobs £180

Worn this dress a few more times after the wedding too for daytime meals and also nights out, its perfect for any occasion!

The luck was in for my sister too, it was a beautiful sunny day and the wedding was amazing! Her and her husband looked gorgeous (she was dressed head to toe in gucci) and it was a wonderful ceremony!

Happy celebrations!

Love From Saffron


Dress to impress!

At work you need to dress for the job you want not the one you have! That means¬†don’t be a plain jane, stand out, get noticed! I’m currently in my first year of university and this means lots of presentations unfortunately, but it does mean i get to buy clothing for it! Most people I’ve watched for a presentation went for a black dress with a black blazer or a ¬†black skirt, white shirt and black blazer‚Ķ Me, no, i thought id go for a bright orange blazer (as seen in my spring post, it can be worn for anything!) and a nude dress with some accessories!


Blazer: Mango £35

Dress: AX Paris from New Look £22

Belt: Asos £12

Bag: River Island £18

This outfit really got me noticed, not only is it professional, its fashionable! Plus i just happened to be doing a presentation on Amazon.com so the blazer really did match my work!

As for menswear i’ve got some experience in this, my clever boyfriend has recently got a year in industry as part of his university course, therefore a shopping trip was clearly needed to get him suitably fashionable for work next year!

Looking online M&S had some lovely suits, probably made better by the model (David Gandy, YUM) and also Next were great for money. After searching round the favourite of mine was a gorgeous navy 3 piece suit from Next, unfortunately the boyfriend didn’t see the need for a 3 piece, even though it looked amazing, so we ended up with suit jacket and trousers, a crisp white shirt and a lovely knitted mustard tie, that i made him buy because he couldn’t see how amazing it was!


Excuse his face, he doesn’t like photos so tries to pull the funniest faces!

Suit Jacket: Next £80

Suit Trousers: Next £40

Tie: Next £10

Shirt: Next £20

After this we also ordered some shoes from Next which matched perfectly to the belt, so his outfit was complete and he is definitely going to be the best dressed intern next year!

Have fun at work!

Love From Saffron


Workout your fashion.

Im talking about the gym! I’ve recently treated myself to a new gym membership and outfit after eating far too much chocolate over easter‚Ķ Even though your at the gym doesn’t mean your style has to suffer, you can get some really cute gym clothes at some pretty good prices!

If you want to get top notch stuff and pay the full price go to the brand sport store e.g. Nike, Adidas etc but theres some great looking stuff in the high street shops such as h&m, primark or branded wear for cheaper in t k maxx and sports direct!

Seeing as i already had Nike trainers, i thought i may as well go all out a match! Luckily on the nike online store they were having a sale! So bought some running tights, some shorts and a cropped vest. Managed to find the exact match on the colour of the sports bra, my trainers and the water bottle, felt so proud to be all matching and looking professional!

ImageTights/Leggings: Nike £30

Shorts: Nike £20

Sports bra/cropped top: Nike £22

Vest: H&M £6

Trainers: Sports Direct (Nike) £28

Water Bottle: Sports Direct (Nike) £4

Everything is so comfortable and definitely worth the price, check out the reviews on the website first, as i found the cheaper running tights to actually have better reviews! You can do so many sports in these clothes too, I’ve played tennis, gone running, gone to the gym and even headed to the shops in them, thats how comfortable i feel walking around in them, plus it makes me look like i do lots of working out to the people who see me!¬†

Watch this space, beach body in progress!

Love From Saffron


Night out? No problem!

Recently all my friends have had birthdays and i was starting to run out of things to wear! Wardrobe full but nothing suitable, am i right? Well borrow then! Friends, family, anyone. 

Whenever i go on a night out all i see is black, grey, white… BORING! Spice it up, add colours, go crazy, it is a night out after all! When it came the last birthday night out of the month, i decided to ask around for something i could borrow, luckily my sister and my mum were kind enough to lend! 

I’m really loving on orange and red at the moment, so when my sister produced this gorgeous dress out of her wardrobe i just couldn’t say no! Teamed with a quirky hat, cute ankle socks, matching (with the socks) clutch and heeled boots my outfit was complete!


Black Pork Pie Hat: Topshop £25

Multicoloured Dress: Topshop (My Sisters)

Blue Clutch: Jaques Vert (My Mums)

Blue Socks: Topshop £3

Black Heels: KG £30 (sale!)

The hat and socks add a new season trend to the outfit as well as a cute quirk, and the slit in the dress adds a cheeky something for a night out!

Have a great night!

Love From Saffron